Ag-View Consulting, Inc.

Our Services

Ag-View provides a wide array of services.  Due to the breadth of their experience and the network or professionals that Ag-View has worked with over the years, they can truly provide their clients with services that range from the field to the fork.  They can supply a total outsourcing answer to your needs as well.

We generally determine our fees on an hourly basis for our consulting services. However, most larger projects can be quoted at a fixed price.  For sales based solutions we often will provide a combination of base fee plus commissions.  For new clients we can often offer short term solutions on a fixed fee basis.

Management Solutions

Ag-View can provide complete project management.  We have experience ranging from farm location identification to processing plant management and marketing.  We can insure that your objectives can be met and that they will result in a fully integrated operation.


New product development experience include osmotically dried fruits, beverage and frozen fruits.


Marketing is significantly different than selling!  While this may seem obvious, in today’s farm grown fruit industries the terms are often used interchangeably.  Our marketing team know that marketing require knowledge and contacts within each market channel.  Matching sales goals and products to each unique market channel is critical for sustainable business models.


Sales Solutions

We first must understand your specific needs, the nuances of your business and how it performs within its relevant, competitive market position.  This information allows us to create with a deep level of interaction and support for the “planks of your sales platform”. These individually relevant strategies and tactics that when woven together, create a sales platform.  Our understanding of your Sales Cycle, Go-2-Market, Values added vs. Added value, Market Intelligence and how it is used or not used to make aligned, informed decisions.

Our Sales Solutions are not a “one size fits all”, but rather a tailored, crafted approach for your business.  That approach will and must align to relevant business financial metrics and Business Development Goals.


Key Questions of Interest:

·         How do you measure success?

·         Would your top 5 customers use the word “partner” in describing your business?

·         Is Sales the sharp end of the spear or simply a means to an end?



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